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Synchronized.  Snappy.  Quick.  Lively.  Intentional.

If you know your coffee...and you like vibrant, juicy, and precise flavors...then you know Yirgacheffe.  "Yirga" is a varietal that is grown in the southern region of Ethiopia and more precisely the Gedeo zone.  The Co'op where this coffee is sourced resides in moist, tropical, high altitude forested hills.  This unique environment creates a bean that is small in size and super dense in structure.  Slow growing, super concentrated, packed with possibility.

Wet processed to an extra clean finish, and hand sorted, this Yirgacheffe is then air dried on raised drying beds (Africa Beds).  Typical drying time is around 18 - 20 days.

We have targeted a LIGHT MEDIUM roast for this coffee with a slow drying phase and equally long development phase.  This balance ensures that there is not a loss in the natural sweetness of the bean and results in maximum crispness.

Cupping notes of pino gris, dried apricot, and soft jasmine should tell you that this coffee is sweet, tart, floral, and like a 4-SPEED Top Loader...full of excitement.

Good for an espresso, but amazing in longer brew drip - pour over - french press.


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