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Rugged.  Multi-purpose.  Agile.  Lasting.

Like its namesake..."INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER"...this coffee is a robust, well rounded, and versatile bean.  Born in the high altitude mountainous Huila region of Colombia this coffee is an "excelso" graded bean that is 15/16 screen sized and is slightly hard and dense...much like the volcanic and rugged terrain of where it is grown.

Wet processed and hand sorted, this coffee is then parchment dried to perfect moisture levels before exporting.  Typical drying time for this coffee is 8 - 15 days.

We have targeted a FULL MEDIUM roast for this coffee with a quicker drying phase and and then a touch longer development phase.  This roasting profile results in a juicy body and smooth finish.

Cupping notes of plum, cane sugar, and dark chocolate should tell you that this is a vibrant coffee that works well for drip - espresso - french press.

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